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”they” are educated …

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

... "they" are educated ...

What is success based on … who and what holds the benchmark to determine what success is or not?

What type of education do I need!

Traditional … becoming a doctor, engineer, lawyer, actor … etc

Non Traditional … stuff that you have to do and find out for yourself … not really taught at schools, institutions, universities whilst your are studying a particular subject or degree …

Our world in which we live today caters only to a certain way of life. A life we have been bought up in and are used too and experience on a “day to day” basis, which has been around for the last couple of hundred years or so … yet there are also many ways of existence and creating abundance - happiness and living well!

So … there is education of a different sort … for eg, how do you overcome disappointment, how do you justify what you have to offer, what prevents you from reaching your goals, what is it that you really want in life … how do you handle rejection, how do you really define what is good and bad for you … how do you achieve a happy state of mind in doing a job you dislike or don’t really have the feeling for? What are your choices of action for success and how do you achieve it! What is a quicker way in achieving your goals? How do I attract success in a faster way? “Why am I getting the things I am getting … why am I sick … how do the thoughts of others affect my personality and performance, how do I focus and get what my heart desires … how do I determine the best course of action in certain situations … should I strengthen my will power or not … how much do I allow things to happen … when realizing when “enough is enough” ...

Traditional education is not all monetarily equal … and a lot of it’s unfair in the outcome eg. the difference in what a Plummer can make as opposed to a University Professor or a Hairdresser to Neuro Research Analyst!

The goal ... "educate, learn, discover, achieve" ... be street smart … your basic education - high school and tertiary is your basic education … but the real deal is “making it happen!"

Different known sources of education are being brought into the matrix now more than ever ... thats when “educating” your self about yourself and your powers, discovering who you really are and how you can get what you want and doing it in a way that is a natural and an “understood principle/s!”

Being educated is being aware … opening and expanding your mind and consciousness - understanding mechanics for success and applying those principles … on how to create exactly what you have intended to create!

“Understand you and what you really are supposed to be doing!”

Are you against the current or flowing with it …or are you holding yourself apart or aligning … do you feel the power of your worthiness that power of the current within you … seek the right education … it will change your life for ever … it’s meant to be good with lots of fun!

You are a Creator!

Take the time to meet some other creators , they may just rock your world!

Take a look at getting into an Extra Ordinary lifestyle at

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