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Nano Soma Testimonials

My name is Giovanni.
Because of the movement of 5 intervertebral discs then repositioned after two months, I suffered severe pain due to the inflammation of all the nerves connected to them. I have tried several anti-inflammatory and pain relievers, even in high doses, despite having never taken medicines in my life, all to try to reduce the pain and at least try to be able to walk. Despite all the attempts made, the pain reduction was minimal. I then began to take 5 Metadichol sprays a day. Honestly, I did it for a serious problem of degenerative coxarthrosis that I have now for more than 20 years, but I was amazed how in about ten days of taking Metadichol, I started walking again since I had almost no inflammation and pain. I remember thanking God for taking those pains out of my body because they were so strong that I often stopped thinking. I also remember thinking that God can use many ways to help us and use exceptional men who invent exceptional substances like them .... All this is the truth.... A big hug to all 

I have had allergies since I can remember. For years, I used to take Avil and Otrivin to manage my symptoms which included heavy, nightly congestion and uncontrollable, debilitating, sneezing TO SELF CARE bouts during the day (50-70 at a time). I took them for years as I could not sleep at night without them. I did a full allergy evaluation and it was determined I was allergic to everything. In 2010, I had nasal polyp surgery and resumed Zyrtec and Nasacort more regularly on the doctor’s orders to prevent polyps from returning. I started using NANO SOMA on July 23, 2015, and for the first 6 days I took only 3 Zyrtec tabs! And since then to date (August 28, 2016), I have not taken any Zyrtec or Nasacort. I do have mild runny nose and mild rhinitis symptoms (esp. after a glass of wine), and some nasal congestion in the mornings, but the symptoms come and go and I am able to carry on without medication. This is amazing for me after so many years of medication dependency. I lost my sense of smell several years ago, and finally my sense of smell came back! Thank you for introducing me to NANO SOMA. *Update: 1 year later: All is well and I am back on track - no sinus issues, no allergies, and I can smell (that is a mixed blessing though most days!) I can also enjoy my wine. So thank you again!!
I can't thank you enough for introducing me to NANO SOMA! It is a God-sent blessing that has helped. I met with an Orthopedic surgeon whose specialization was in Hand & Upper extremity in March, 2012, when my Trigger Thumb issue started first. He administered a corticosteroid injection into the tendon sheath to treat the thumb. The injection was very painful and the pain lasted almost 4 days before subsiding, but did heal the Trigger thumb. A year later, the trigger thumb condition returned, and this time I met with a different hand specialist since we had relocated to our current residence in between. Again in July, 2013, I was given a corticosteroid injection for treating the trigger thumb, with the same result as before - very bad pain that lasted for about 4 days but the trigger thumb became alright. Unfortunately, it returned again by December 2014 so I got one more corticosteroid injection in January, 2015. This was the last injection I was given. On my last visit, I learned that usually they treat trigger finger with corticosteroid injection 3 times, and if it returned again, surgery would be the next step. By the fall of 2015, the trigger thumb returned again. In addition, I was also experiencing a burning sensation in my left hand (paresthesia) along the index finger and knuckle. I started on NANO SOMA in mid-October, 2015. Within a few weeks, the trigger thumb had completely stopped! By the year end, I was completely free of the trigger thumb condition! The burning sensation in my left hand also started to improve. It lingered but had lessened in severity. I'm delighted to inform you that by now, my left hand has also healed significantly! If I knit for a long time, or type a lot, it flares up a little once again, but I am hopeful that continued use of NANO SOMA will completely heal it, given the significant improvement I have experienced in my left hand so far! Thank you so much for introducing me to NANO SOMA! It has helped avoid a surgery, helped heal the paresthesia in my left hand significantly and helped improve the quality of life by not having to avoid certain activities for fear of triggering the conditions again! What can I say, NANO SOMA is most certainly a miracle supplement in my book! No pain with no side effect is impossible to beat! Thank you very much once again for introducing me to this miracle spray!
My family calls this magic in a bottle. About a year ago, my two little ones and myself contracted hand, foot, and mouth disease at the same time. We were miserable with itching and pain from blisters. During this time, I was introduced to NANO SOMA. I sprayed it directly onto the blisters on my children and myself. I was a bit skeptical at first. We're an organic family and I'm not one to just use anything, especially on my children, because it will make them/us feel better. Immediately, our blisters started drying up and there was little to no itching...we were in heaven. Of course I wanted to know what else this would help with in our family. My daughter (2 years old at the time) developed a rash from a reaction to a food. We sprayed it over her rash and it eliminated all issues (rash disappeared and my daughter wasn't itchy). For most of my life, I have had cold sores on my lips. I've always been hesitant in taking a daily pill to prevent them and have preferred a naturalistic approach. Cold sores are tingly, painful and embarrassing. The minute I get a tingle on my lips, I spray Nano. I haven't had more than one cold sore for an entire year...after 30 years of getting them! AMAZING. Any time my children (ages 7 and 3) are starting to get sick (runny nose or sore throat) with a cold, I spray it directly in their mouths to completely stop the cold from coming. I've done the same for myself, but I rarely get sick.
I would like to express my gratitude to NANO SOMA for the beneficial results I've had using it in just a short period. Before starting my daily morning sprays into my mouth, about 3-4 squirts, I had suffered a year of rhinitis and sinus related problems, which include sneezing attacks of 10 to 15 sneezes in bouts that occurred throughout the day, normally up to 5 times. Now, after three weeks, I hardly ever sneeze, and if I do it never is more than two or three sneezes once a day. I'm not sure why and how I've had such a remarkable improvement with the use of NANO SOMA, but it certainly makes my days more bearable. Related to all this is my nighttime snoring and regular coughing, probably due to the stuffiness and mucus, have been notably reduced to only occasional snoring which is not as annoying as it used to be and with very little coughing now, which my partner is also very happy about since it had made uninterrupted sleeping through the night only a dream before as I'd snore and cough so frequently that neither of us slept well. Another benefit I've noticed from my daily NANO SOMA sprays is that my rheumatoid and osteoarthritis related swelling and aches in my joints, especially my feet, hips, shoulders and hands, have eased, even the ongoing sense of having excessively warm feet and hands has become less noticeable. What's more, this last week I caught a bronchial cold, and what would normally have lasted two or more weeks was over after about 5 days. I attribute all these improvements to the effectiveness of NANO SOMA, and having tried both OTC and prescription medicine in the past. This is really wonderful because I truly want to limit the medicine I have to take if it's possible, I prefer to treat conditions in the most natural ways without the added side effects of medicines. The only thing I would say on a constructive side is the undefinable taste of NANO SOMA, which I suggest should have a more desirable flavor. Thank you so very much!
I am pleased to share with you my experience with the NANO SOMA spray. In late 2015, during a four month period of immobility while recovering from knee surgery, I developed several open wounds on both of my legs. The more severe wounds were on my left leg, and although I was treated and discharged twice by a local hospital's Wound Care department, one persistent wound on the sole of my left foot never completely healed. It continued to weep fluid, and often opened to the point where I was near nine on the pain scale. Now 15 months later, on January 19, 2017, I applied two sprays of NANO SOMA to the wound on my left foot, and I was immediately pain free for 12 hours. The pain returned briefly, with less intensity, and eventually went away completely. I had just been seen by a lymphedema specialist, a nurse who expressed concern over the lingering wound on January 17, but was delighted one week later to see how it was beginning to heal, five days after applying NANO SOMA. A photo of the wound was taken five days after two sprays of NANO SOMA was applied. The wound is closing and the pain is gone! Thank you for providing this miraculous, essential product. Sincerely, 
This is my important synopsis after having NANO SOMA. My arthritis trouble disappeared after taking NANO SOMA, and I was able to climb up and down the stairs and the great one is I climbed all the way in Oregon Caves. Even when I get pain in my leg or abdomen I spray directly on the skin, wherever the pain is on that part and I am relieved. Anything on my skin - mosquito bite or boil or any eruptions - I spray on that area and it disappears. Any small cuts or wounds I use NANO SOMA. I thank the NANO SOMA inventor and I am grateful to Tinny and Nithasha. Thank you.

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