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2022 is here!

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Dear Roger,

In Australia, the New Year is just hours away and as I sit here on a 38C (100F) day, I find myself reflecting on the year that awaits us.

Will it bring more lockdowns and jab mandates? Almost certainly.

Will this scamdemic agenda begin to falter? I expect so.

Will 2022 bring global hyperinflation? It could well do – certainly bring the likelihood much closer, with the US inflation rate currently at a 40-year high.

Will it bring food shortages across much of the world? I expect so. It has been unfolding – sadly, in a planned way - for over 5 years.

Will we see the ridiculous global asset valuation bubbles begin to pop? Probably. If not 2022, then definitely 2023.

It is clear to me that we live in, perhaps, the most profound moment in Earth history, a moment planned, from what I have come to understand, before life began on Earth.

I spoke about this in Raghu’s and my interview with Kerry Cassidy.

And, in my opinion, the particle in NANO SOMA has a profound role to play in this time of change. Lorraine Mill described how NANO SOMA interacts with our DNA and how this particle “did not come from here”… It disappeared from our diets when our food became “refined” and is now re-emerging “post jab” – no accident, in my opinion. I expect NANO SOMA will emerge into a much broader global awareness in 2022.

And it carries the promise of a perfection of the human form that we never imagined – the triggering of the natural healing of our bodies and the reversal of the ageing process – all brought about by a particle of food… How perfect. How profound. A key to our bodily perfection and longevity hidden in our food. I am literally thunderstruck daily when I contemplate this, and Raghu shares new insights of its “magic” with me almost every day. It is truly an honour to consider this brilliant, humble man my friend. Any day now, after 18 months of rejections, his paper showing NANO SOMA deals with the spike proteins and other elements associated with the so-called SARS-COV-2 virus will be published. I will share a link when it is available.

NANO SOMA is a nanoemulsion of policosanol, with small amounts of additives to make it water soluble and to stabilise it, and 98% pristine Swiss water. That’s it. We sell it as a food in most countries, which it is. It has no known side effects after 10 years of use. I have to say it amazes me that some people think some of the ingredients are dangerous. This is errant nonsense. You could safely drink a litre of it every day without harm, as Raghu himself has done, provided you have dealt with any healing crises that can arise as you get started. It would be expensive but harmless. In my opinion, Raghu’s beautiful gift is part of a plan to set humanity free to live in harmony and in perfect health, and was described in the Indian spiritual text, the Rigveda, of 5,600BC. It was known to our ancestors.

As I have said, I anticipate everyone who survives this challenging time, within 10 years will use NANO SOMA and in 20 years’ time, humanity will wonder how it was that we lived through this time of illness, disease and ageing because none of it will exist.

So, I see 2022 as a time when we will make huge advances towards that liberated and self-empowered future for us all.


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