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Metadichol-based products

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Firstly, I completely support the process of questioning both the efficacy and the role of these truly extraordinary products. As an illustration, the blog I wrote for many years I called “The Sceptical Bastard”. And so, I fully support the process of questioning for your own clarity and understanding, rather than simply accepting what somebody else conveys to you. We should all do this.

When it comes to Raghu’s beautiful products, if you understand their profound relationship with our biology, which I have written about on countless occasions and which you can gain a healthy grasp of from this interview with Kerry Cassidy, you can begin to understand why I say the nanoparticle in these products is like the missing key to the functioning of our biology that we didn’t know was missing until it showed up. As I have said, in my opinion, in 20 years’ time humanity will look back and wonder how it was we walked through this time of illness, disease and ageing because none of it will exist. And I truly mean those words. This is a truly profound gift to humanity and a gift that was, in my understanding, planned to come forth in this time before life began on Earth. I do not express these words lightly.

I tried NANO SOMA and saw no changes in my health.

I hear this from people I speak with and sometimes it’s because their starting health condition is very good. However, it can very often be from people who bought a single bottle, used five sprays once a day and saw no changes. This tells me that this individual tried it in hope and without a commitment to seeing a health result for themselves. People have many motivations in their lives and in their approach to their own health and healing. My advice to everyone is to purchase at least three bottles and, if you have an existing health condition, use the start-up protocol that we recommend, which involves an accelerated usage from the beginning. Further, there are many health conditions that can take many months to heal. Indeed, what you think is your major health issue may not actually be your major health issue. We usually don’t know about heart health issues, for example, until a heart attack or some other symptoms display themselves and by then it is a little late. However, your body knows and when Metadichol is present in your body from one of these beautiful products, your body can go to work and prioritise those often-hidden major health issues. Your slightly elevated blood pressure maybe a focal item for you but an impending heart attack or failing kidney or liver maybe far more important to your health but completely outside of your awareness.

And frankly, if you truly understand these products, you will make them a part of the rest of your life. They are truly that profound.


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