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The “they” people … they are physically and mentally connected …

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

The role of “meditation” …

Whether you have meditated in the past or not … it would be important to get into the practice of daily meditation for a number of reasons: Its really important to get to know yourself your purpose and to get connected with source - the non physical extension side you which is far bigger more resourceful and has the ability to create anything, it’s that God Source that helps you in your physical life journey experience! This is not a religious matter by any means but more of an understanding on what is really going on and how you fit into the equation and what the equation really is!

It’s understanding the physical and the non physical side of you and how those two interplay with each other! Right from the thought process to the needing questions answered process - to the focusing process - to the creating process - to the final manifestation process can all be guided through meditation! Points of positive attraction, negative attraction, initiating momentum, perpetuation, magnetism, limitations, health, vitality, deliberate creativity, programming, re-invention … and so much more … all handled through meditation! There is simply nothing you can’t do outside total ridiculousness … if you have dream’t of yourself doing it … then you can achieve it!

Most people just don’t know how to go about it!

The role of “fitness” …

Staying fit and keeping your body healthy is vitally important! From the exercise you get to to what you eat and drink effects everything! My personal preference is riding a horse LOL as there are so many muscles are used but does not really satisfy everything … the real go to is Yoga of which there are so many types! To me the perfect mix of something that suits my nature and personality, something that I can tune into in a spiritual sense loving myself connecting to source and looking after the body I have!

“Its important to love yourself and love who you are!”

Straight hard core alcohol is certainly not the best for you … and if you dabble … would go for the wine with meals … all things in moderation … just like Jeshua did! Synthetic drugs an absolute no no and If confronted in that situation … have no part of it and especially if you don’t know the entire origin or content there of … just don’t do it!

Through these two methods depending on how you do it … would be your closest connective!

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