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Nano Soma is just so ... PROFOUND!

We are on the cusp of the New Year and may 2023 be all you hope and dream. If my guidance is accurate, 2023 may be the most profound year in all of human history – a pivotal moment.

And these products ARE profound (my team tell me I use that word too much…). I describe the particle in Metadichol as the key to the optimal functioning of our bodies that we didn’t know was missing until it showed up.

There are people receiving this email who tried a bottle or maybe more, didn’t experience a magical health transformation and gave up. If that is you, please watch this getting started video, and purchase the MagicDichol Gift Pack to get yourself started again. How could the particle that brought the blueprint of human life to Earth not have a profound relationship to the health of every one of us?

To this week’s testimonials:

From a 70-year-old customer:

I am having a quiet and remarkable revolution in my body. I have been quite healthy throughout my life with only sinus issues when I was pregnant with my first child. In 2012, while using superglue without gloves, it suddenly spilled on my right hand, wrist, up my elbow, around my neck, and down to my left hand. My right hand was particularly black. It was impossible to remove, though I discovered Aloe Vera, which helped to a degree. To compound it, I fell while changing a bulb from the dining table. This almost yanked my left leg from my hip, leaving me with very poor balance and a feeling of breathlessness. I used to play badminton quite frequently but found myself toppling over. I started taking NANO SOMA regularly from October 2021, and I can say today with confidence that my physical life has moved positively by leaps and bounds. I can truly say that this improvement from a chronic state to health has lifted my optimistic spir it to greater heights, as I can see and feel a relief of my symptoms – slowly, but surely. Thanks, Raghu, for this incredible discovery. ‘Thanks’ is too tepid a word to describe how I feel.

Anon, December 2022.

–– Dear Doctor Raghavan, I am 75 years old and had pterygiums (growth of the conjunctiva or mucous membrane that covers the white part of the eye over the cornea. It is a benign or noncancerous growth often shaped like a wedge) in both eyes that bothered me terribly. They were not ready for surgery, but they bothered me tremendously as my vision was impaired and the itching was continuous. The left eye had the pterygium covering the cornea, as is evident in the MGH/HARVARD medical records in 2019 (I will mail them soon). The pterygium in the right eye was about to reach the cornea; it was yellow and not translucent. In 2020 and 2021, due to COVID-19, I did not have my eye exams. The surgery is complicated as is the recuperation, but I was ready to have it after my eye exam this year in Florida. In mid-May of this year, however, I began to apply the NANO SOMA spr ay to both of my eyes. Within a month and a half, the pterygiums receded in both eyes; I could see clearly and there was no longer any discomfort. I feel that I no longer require surgery. I feel fine and my vision is clear. I will send the detailed pictures of my eyes as well as the medical report in the first week of January. Sincerely,

J G, December 2022.

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