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All things Equal …

... starting off in the environment of "all things being equal" ... simply and logically ... one would choose a "passion" ... something you love ... something you see yourself doing ... something that excites you ... so that each day you already begin to goal set not even realizing it! There is not a right or wrong "thing" ... the only thing that needs to happen ... is that, it happens for you! You attract what you think good or bad! The good is that which you believe you want ... and the bad which you don't want! There is no exclusion! Ask and it is given ... heard about that before? You have the abilty to choose! Lots of choices and so much to choose from! But, getting what you ask for ... takes the abilty to focus! Once you start to focus you begin to expand and you find that “ that expansion” starts being one of the "best delights" of being alive!

Take a look at getting into an Extra Ordinary lifestyle at

Welcome to ProsperityIsReal! The knowledge, insight, benefits and teachings shared will allow you to understand on how you start to see and understand how things happen in our world - universe and in your own life as well as those close to yours or in it!

This Facebook edition is designed to be direct ... concise and to the point helping you to prosper in all ways and live your life in an "extra-ordinary" manor ... the way you felt your heart intended it!

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