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The “they” people … they do whats important to them!

Really think about this for a minute …

You don’t really have to figure anything out … just do and be who you! Do the things you like doing … with that in mind you really are capable of doing anything that you desire! I mean anything!

And you wonder how you can do that in today’s world?

Let me put it to you this way … if there was ever a time to make a change in yourself … now is the time! There is no better time!

On a planetary scale … your at the beginning of a reset … a global reset a change in vibration … a change in the energy of many things that are happening right now on this earth! On a personal scale … now more than ever is the time to spend time by yourself … get to know who you are, I mean who you really are and begin to appreciate the “youness” of who you really are!

Do you have any idea what you are part of and what your capable of?

…. you are … the hub of everything … the centre of your universe … you are part of the source the creator … you are the love the glue that keeps things together, you don’t really realize it due to you living conditions and practice and the way you’ve been educated - but that’s who you are … that’s your value and your value to others. You are a source connected powerful human … being! Yes you are! Let it sink in!

Do only what you want to do … what does this really mean?

Don’t push against your own flow!

It means simply that the satisfaction, creativity and interests given by you in doing what you want to do will far greater will have - more keenness, more spontaneity, resonating in depth and perfection … you have more drive, more patience, more motivation … will to go at it longer to reach the satisfaction your looking for. Satisfaction comes from moving into a place of desire. And what does that attract? It attracts all sort of components beyond your expectations, it creates momentum, movement and things become bigger and better, more than you ever imagined!

The “other side” if you have to do what you told you have to do … how does that make you feel … resistant …yes, does it lift you up … no … does it inspire … no … you does it spark you …no? Do you become source of attraction … no … as your not into it … everything is dull … with no magic!

However there is a difference too … in doing some thing you have to do … but doing it your way … and so a similar process begins as I have already described and doing what you have to do doesn’t feel that boring … as you are more creative about it … you will find that other ingredients will come to you because of the way you are doing it … you attract a entirely different energy into the mix - thus having people around you, who want to be around you as their interest has been peculated. This way you have that situation totally turned around.

It’s super important to spend time with yourself in finding out what you want to do … spend time with yourself to get in tune with the higher part of you … which comes through meditation … move towards and in things that motivate and excite you and stay there once you are there … try to stay there as long as possible and let the inner part of you take over and watch what happens!

You want to reach satisfaction … that is what guides you … “the better you feel” - the more your in tune and the more you get into it … stay in the direction of what feels good, not in the direction of what should feel good … but in the direction of what feels good - to you! It’s all about the feeling!

Identify it, isolate it, work it, find the vibrational frequency of it, align with it … now you know what your’e tuning into … stay satisfied and when something’s off … you don’t let it get off for long - you get back far quicker as you are more in tune with your higher self, the real you and the more things you want to appear will reappear, again and again and so it goes on.

People wonder why good stuff comes to you all the time and you know that its not just random luck … your in tune, you understand the process of it - being satisfied or not being satisfied! You know how to align and when your aligned …everything happens … everything … just like magic!

So … do what’s important to you!

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