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The “they” people, they love what they do …

The “they people” …. They love what they do?

…“loving something that you do” comes easy to some and to others, it’s not so easy! You begin to sift through your past and present experiences into your likes and dislikes and it throws out many possibilities … but you don’t really know what it is that you want to do? What is it that makes you really feel? What is it that makes you more clear about what you really love, like or dislike? That emotional thing inside you … that houses your thoughts, desires, zest for life, clarity of mind … eagerness and vitality etc that non touchable part is the non physical part of you connected to your higher self-source … the other part of you. When you have your experiences that are not aligned with your higher self … a certain amount of discomfort and resistance starts to arise and there's is a mismatch … those feelings can be very strong - as we all know … so on the converse when all is good and your feeling amazing … ecstatic … invincible … those kind of feelings indicate your on the right path … your aligned ... your experience is more blessed with “fantastical” results … when your not … nothing seems to work or work really well! It’s all in your emotional feeling … we all have it ... listen to it! Emotion is so powerful in telling you what you like and dislike, it directs you to what you want to experience more or less of! Don’t shrug the emotions off in just another bad day, listen to them, feel them, act on them and let them begin to direct you in the direction of what you enjoy and down the line - love what you continue to "enjoy" and begin to do regularly, if not for the rest of your life! When you start to create in the direction of your emotional enjoyment with those positive feelings, there is no end into loving what you do … as it gets more creative and has more depth and you’ ll find that there’s not really even enough time to do it in the way you want do it! Emotion and feelings ... just so powerful!

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